Symptoms of Toxoplasmosis

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Toxoplasmosis is caused by parasite Toxoplasma gondii. It can be spread by cat and its fesses. Otherwise, people who often eat half cooked or uncooked meat can get this disease. This disease will infect immune. People who have weak immune will show bad condition of the disease. This infection mostly infects women. It also can infect babies while as fetus. Pregnant women are in risk when they get this infection. The condition of the pregnant women will not be as healthy as usual. Then, they also can transmit the parasite to fetus.

The common symptoms of Toxoplasmosis do not happen in physical sign or certain kind of sign. The symptoms of flu can show the sign of Toxoplasmosis infection. Then, the symptoms are tricky. People will be not aware about this disease. They will feel that they seem healthy. The symptoms which can be seen are quite mild. Sufferers will get fever. Lymph nodes, which bigger than usual, can be the sign and can make them a little aware. Then, the muscles will be ache and pain.

For the pregnant women, those symptoms should not be ignored. It is because the immune of the pregnant women is weaker than women who are not pregnant. Then, they also can give bad things for the fetus and miscarriage. However, the parasite can attack before they are pregnant. If they are not aware, it will be danger for the baby and the mother.

Early awareness will help the mothers prevent the spreading of parasite to the fetus. Seeing the doctor can help the mothers take safe medicine. At least, the fetus and the baby in the future will not get the disease. Then, it can help the mother prevent miscarriage

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