Symptoms of Syphilis

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Syphilis infection is caused by bacterium Treponema pallidum which part of the sexual transmitted disease. After being infected, the disease can show symptoms within 90 days but the mostly it shows signs after 21 days. This infection happens in four stages with different symptoms in each stage.

The primary stage of the symptoms of Syphilis appear sore which known as chancre. The skin can show significant symptom of the infection. The symptom usually happens in genital organ. Then, it can happen in rectum or mouth but it is not common. The chancre is like a button. The lymph nodes swell as other symptom. Then, the sufferers will not feel ill in this stage. The chancre will lose in 4 until 6 weeks. But, if it is not healed, it will be spread to whole body.

In the next stage which happens weeks after, the symptoms of the Syphilis will show reddish-brown rash. Then, the common symptom of illness will be felt. People who got Syphilis, will feel headache. They also will lose appetite. Then, the sore also appear again in this stage. It appears in mouth and throat. If the virus has been spread to body, the sufferers can get fever. They also will have hair loss. Besides that, the body will be felt very tired.

The third stage of the symptoms of Syphilis will happen after the second stage disappear. This stage which is called latent stage can appear again after very long time from the secondary stage. In this stage, the symptom does not appear. However, people who have syphilis of previous stage can still have the virus. It can be shown in blood test. In this stage, women who have syphilis can give the virus to fetus which can lead to miscarriage. But, sufferers can stop as contagious.

The last stage of the Syphilis symptoms happens around one third of the previous stages. It can occur because sufferers do not cure the disease. They will get fever and painful. The bone also will be in pain. Then, they will get anemia. This stage affects more than previous symptoms The virus can cause heart disease and liver disease.

The symptoms which reoccurrence will give people unaware attitude. They will feel healthy after first and second stages. Then, giving knowledge to people about this disease can be very useful. It is because it can save the sufferers and it can prevent the virus to be spread more.

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