Symptoms of Hepatitis B & C

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Hepatitis is one of the diseases which is not only caused by virus but also by drug and alcohol which attack liver becomes inflammation. Between Hepatitis B and C may be similarity. However, those diseases are quite different.

Both of Hepatitis B and C are part of the Viral Hepatitis or called as “acute”. It can happen fast and show some symptoms. Blood transfusion and contaminated needles can cause both of the diseases. Sexual interaction can be the media to transmit the virus. However, Hepatitis C is not often caused by sexual intercourse. It can happen in pregnancy, from mother to child in the pregnancy.

The symptoms of Hepatitis B can be seen from the condition of the skin which is in Jaundice. Then, the urine’s color is darker than usual. Losing appetite can be one of the symptoms of the disease. Nausea and vomiting can be the tricky symptoms. Then, sufferers get abdominal pain in the area around liver.

On the other hands, the symptoms of Hepatitis C can be flu-like. The flu-like symptom is mild fatigue. This symptom can be ignored because it may not have great impact to the body condition. Besides that, people may have the achiness around joint and muscles. Then, the liver will feel tender. Just like, Hepatitis B, this disease can make sufferers lose appetite. Those symptoms are the first steps of the disease. The next phase shows similar symptoms like Hepatitis B, that is, jaundice, vomit, nausea, and fatigue.

From those symptoms, the diseases is quite light. The cure or treatment can be done whether with or without medication treatment. Those people who have Hepatitis B may be able to be cured without medicine. It happens because the human immune is able to fight. The doctor will help to maintain the condition of body and the disease. The Hepatitis C can be cured with eating diet. Besides that, sufferers can starts to exercise. The doctor can help choose the right food and exercise as the treatment.

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