Symptoms of HSV Rubella

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HSV Rubella is known as German measles. It is one of the viral infections which can be transmitted. The symptoms mostly are mild. Then, many people recognize the symptoms because certain kind of rash appears. The virus can infect from baby to adult. It can be transmitted from close contact and also air as the media. The babies can get the infection from the mother when they are still fetus.

People who get the infection of HSV Rubella may get abnormal headache. Then, they may feel malaise which makes them discomfort with their body condition. It usually makes people feel tired. Besides that, they may have runny nose. The eyes may show certain abnormal condition such as bloodshot eye and cloudy cornea. In the skin, red rashes may appear. Those symptoms may include fever in the lower grade about 102 F.

The symptoms of the HSV Rubella are mild. Then, people are sometimes unaware. In children, the symptoms may show. However in adult, the symptoms can be the warning ones. The symptoms, which suspiciously, present until five days before the rashes appear. People who infected will get the rashers for one week.

The HSV Rubella is quite tame. It cannot re-infect when the rashes disappear. This condition makes people should not really worry when they find those kinds of symptoms. Then, the infection do not commonly happen. Therefore, people do not really care in curing the infection seriously. But, the test should be done because the symptoms may include other danger infection.

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