Symptoms of HPV Genital Warts

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Genital Warts infection is caused by virus human papillomavirus. Genital Wart is one of the many types of the HPV infection. This infection happens around genital and anal area. This infection can happen to women and men. As a disease which infects genital organs, it can be transmitted in sexual intercourse.

Mostly, the HPV Genital Wart infection does not show significant symptoms. Even though, the infection shows different body condition, people will be not aware enough to the symptoms. It is because the warts cannot be seen easily. Then, many people will feel healthy and not know that they have the infection. The wart size is usually around 1 mm. Then, the wart is not only one. Many warts usually join. Then, people who are infected will have pain which appears because of bumps of the warts in genital area. Then, they also will have abnormal discharge. Then, bleeding while urinating can happen but it is not common. Then, urinary obstruction can appear sometimes.

HPV Genital Warts can be the sign of other disease in woman’s case. It can be the cause of the cervix cancer. Mostly, this infection is needed special medical checkup. Sometimes, women are suggested to regularly checkup for the genital organs. Then, they will find the infection in the early stage. It will be easier to be healed.

On the other hands, most of the women are not aware to this kind of disease. The HPV Genital Warts is one of the danger infections. Besides that, the infection can be spread to other people. Then, people should be aware and heal the disease since the early symtomps.

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