Symptoms of HIV Aids

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HIV/AIDS infection will show the symptoms step by step which known as staging symptoms. The first stage symptoms which usually appear are the HIV symptoms. The AIDS will show some symptoms after they get the HIV infection in one or two months. HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus will infect the immune system.

The HIV symptoms will appear like flu illness. People who infected will feel tired too much. This symptom mostly is ignored. It is because they will feel that it is a common thing that happens when they work too much. Other symptoms are fever and headache. Fever can give people a little warning about the infection. Many danger diseases are started from fever. Then, it can be worse when the fever is not healed. From the physical appearance, HIV sufferers will have lymph glands which bigger than the normal one in the neck. Those symptoms do not grow fast.

The next symptom of HIV is weight loss. It happens after sufferers got the early ones, physically, they lose much weight. They will be seen too skinny. They will also have regular fever and abnormal sweating. Besides that, they will be easily infected by yeast. Then, the skin will show rashes and flak. The infection may not attack skin only but also mouth, genital, or even anal. Those organs will ache because of herpes infection. They also may have short-term memory loss.

After that, the symptoms of HIV will develop to AIDS. Mostly, they who suffer HIV will get AIDS as the advance step. The symptoms of the AIDS can show as bad condition of the body. They will have cough and hardly breathing. Then, the body coordination will not be as good as it has been. Besides that, they will be hard in swallowing and feel pain. Diarrhea becomes the common thing that happens. They also have nausea and vomiting in abnormal condition. Headaches become regular thing that suffered and the neck feels stiffness. Mentally, they will get more confusion and also forgetfulness about something.

As one of the diseases which cannot be healed, the sufferers of HIV/AIDS will get coma after the body cannot fight again. Coma sometimes will show the life chance is small. Most of sufferers end die about 10 years after infected.

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