Symptoms of Gonorrhea

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Gonorrhea is caused by bacterium Neisseria gonorrheoae. This disease can infect woman and men. However, women are infected by this disease more than men. The disease infects the cervix, urethra, rectum, anus, and throat. It can be classified as one of the common STD. Then, people should not be too scary with this disease because it can be cured. But, they should be more aware because it will give bad effect.

Both woman and man have the same parts of the body which can be infected by Gonorrhea. Women have more symptoms than men. In women, symptoms of Gonorrhea are mild enough. Sometimes, the symptoms are diagnosed as vaginal infection or bladder infection. The women who have Gonorrhea infection will feel pain while urination. The anal and genital area may feel itchy. It also can release blood and abnormal discharge. Then, they bleed while doing intercourse or after and feeling pain when they do that. The period happens with abnormal bleeding. Besides that, they will feel pain in the lower abdominal. They also have fever and feel too tired. The glands at the opening vagina may be in pain and there is swollen. Then, they may have sore throat and pinkeye but it rarely happens.

On the other sides, men's symptoms of Gonorrhea may be not as many as women’s. Then, the symptoms can be known clearly in women's case. However, it does not happen to all men. Some of them have mild symptoms. Then, the disease can transmit to sex partners without knowing. Just like women, men may have sore throat and pinkeye in the rare situation. The urination will be painful. The anal can be itching or even bleeding. It also can erect some abnormal discharge which is in white, yellow, or green color. The discharge happens in one until fourteen days after infection. They may also feel pain and swollen testicle.

The symptoms may be quite similar. This disease is one of the STD which can be cured easily. However, people should know soon about the disease. Too late curing the disease will give bad effect to the body condition especially sexual organs. Regular check up and safe sex can be the solution of the preventing the disease.


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