Symptoms of Cytomegalovirus

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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is infected by herpes virus family. The infection is quite common happen to people. However, the infection does not show specific symptoms which make people directly know that they get the infection of Cytomegalovirus. People who are infected will not feel sick. Then, they will realize that they carry the infection which can be transmitted. This infection is classified in three kinds. It is seen from the symptoms. They are primary CMV, re-infection CMV, reoccurring CMV, and congenital CMV.

In primary CMV, the Cytomegalovirus symptoms are not easy to notice. The symptoms happens similar to flu. Then, people will not realize. They who are infected may get fever around 38oC and feel too much tired. Besides that, they have sore throat and swollen throat. They also may get muscle pain and joint pain. Losing appetite may happen as the symptom. The re-infection CMV symptoms happens similar to primary CMV.

The reoccurring Cytomegalovirus symptoms happens to healthy people and it even can infect pregnant women. The symptoms are quite similar but they will have other symptoms. They may have diarrhea and pain around gullet. They may have short breath which can be related to pneumonia as one of the symptom. The function of eyes is not good anymore because they cannot clearly see. They may have blind spot or blurring sight. They also may have retina inflammation. The congenital CMV mostly happens to babies. The babies will have abnormal condition in growing up. They may have hearing loss and visual impairment. They will have difficulty in learning when they grow up. The physical coordination is also not good. Then, epilepsy may happen as the symptoms.

Cytomegalovirus symptoms may show as the physical symptoms. It can make people realize that they are not in good condition. People will realize that they are infected by Cytomegalovirus infection after getting the rash. It will make people a little worry. Then, the rash can be the sample in doing the medical test. The medical test will help people to know the diagnosis.

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