Symptoms of Chlamydia

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Chlamydia infection mostly happens to women. The symptoms of the Chlamydia cannot be known directly. The disease is caused by a bacterium, Chlamydia trachomatis. This bacterium attacks human body without significant symptoms. The symptoms are not too heavy and they even do not appear physically. However, the cause of the disease will give bad impact to sufferers. For women, it can cause infertility which cannot be realized.

Mostly, sufferers of the Chlamydia infection show symptoms. Then, this disease is known as the ‘silent’ STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease). But, women who infected by the bacterium will show certain abnormal conditions from the vaginal area, such as cervix and urethra. The symptoms in most of the cases can be known from urination which felt burning. The vaginal discharge occurs in the abnormal condition. However, the symptoms do not appear to all sufferers when the bacterium infects from the cervix to fallopian tubes. Other sufferers may have some pain in lower abdominal and low back. Sometimes, they have nausea and fever as the symptoms. Otherwise, they feel pain while doing intercourse and bleeding too much when they have menstruation periods.

In man cases, the Chlamydia symptoms happen in quite similar form to woman. They will have discharge from the penis. Then, while urination, they will feel burning. The itching also will be felt around opening penis. The other abnormal condition which seen as symptom is testicle in pain and swelling.

Because of those symptoms, Chlamydia infection is hard to detect. People can know they get infection or not when they do a medical test. Then, they can be diagnosed with the disease or not. They can be diagnosed from several methods such as blood test.

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