Symptoms of Candida

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Candida infection is known as one of the Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD) that caused by fungus, Candida Albicans. The fungus is commonly found in mouth, vagina, and other parts of the human body. However, most of the people are not too familiar with Candida or the symptoms of Candida. The posthumous cure and the bad immune can make the Candida infection paralyze an individual.

Based on the common parts of the body which infected, Candida symptoms are differed into two parts, i.e., in mouth and vagina. Candida symptoms in mouth occur around mouth, tongue, and throat. A wound or a lesion appears around those parts of the body. Then, the sores mostly are yellow and white. Because of the wound around those areas, people will be difficult in eating and shallowing. Besides that, the gums sometimes are bleeding.

On the other hands, the Candida symptoms in vagina also shown in urination. The sufferers will feel burning when they urinate. Then, they also will have white thick vaginal discharge and its texture is like cheese. Besides that, they will have irritation in vagina and also feel itchy around vagina.

Candida Symptoms also can be known directly from the physical apperance. Mostly, sufferers will feel itchy in skin and rash in certain part of the body. The symptom in skin can be the identity of Candida infection. However, mostly it is quite tricky because many diseases happen with itching in skin. Besides that, a thrush can be the symptom of a Candida infection around mouth. For women, the symptoms can be seen from the vaginal discharge which happens very often. Then, the Candida symptoms in vagina can be felt while intercourse or periods. They will feel pain much more.

However, the symptoms are not always able to know from the physical appearance. Sufferers of the Candida infection will have skin problem which cause acne appears. Acne cannot be said as the symptoms of Candida infection directly because acne can be caused by the use of certain cosmetic product. Then, it can be the trigger of the Candida infection. Other indirect symptoms are diarrhea and constipation. People who have regular diarrhea and constipation may be caused by Candida fungus. Besides that, people who have Candida infection will feel more dizziness and fatigue than regular people. It happens because the infection attacks immune. Then, sufferers may have hypertension which happens. From stress and depression can be the signs of the Candida infection. The other symptom is the weight gaining too much. It happens because the bacteria in the fungus will make sufferers craving for sugar food.

The Candida infection can be treated early by knowing all those symptoms. Knowing before the disease is worse can be prevented by antiseptic and certain diet food. It is also able to be cured from taking certain medication. For Candida infection in mouth, it can be healed within two weeks and intensively cured for vagina Candida infection.

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