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Rapid toxoplasmosis home test This is a two panel test for Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii ).  It tests for both IgM and IgG antibodies.  Testing for IgM shows if there is a current active infection, while testing for IgG shows if there was a previous infection.  This rapid test gives results at your location in a few minutes.  

IgG and IgM antibodies to Toxoplasma can be detected with 2-3 weeks after exposure .  The test uses a drop of blood which you get from a using the supplied thumb prick device.

Toxoplasmosis is caused by infection with Toxoplasma gondii , an eukaryotic pathogen, belongs to the group of sporozoes.The obligatory intracellular living parasite is spread worldwide. Typical for sporocytes is the “flip-flop” between sexual (which only takes place in cats, the final host) and asexual reproduction.
The infection is often highest in areas of the world that have hot, humid climates and lower altitudes. The mean source of infection is direct contact with cat feces or from eating under-cooked meats. Toxoplasmosis is not passed from person to person,except in instances of mother-to-child (congenital) transmission and blood transfusion or organ transplantation.

Toxoplasmosis generally presents with mild symptoms in immunocompetent individuals,but women newly infected with Toxoplasma during pregnancy and anyone with a compromised immune system should be aware that toxoplasmosis can have severe consequences for them. Acute toxoplasmosis in pregnant women can result in miscarriage, poor growth,early delivery or stillbirth.

rapid toxoplasmosis home test INTERPRETATION OF IgG(+)(-) and IgM (+)(-)
IgM(+)IgG(+) Implies current or recent Toxoplasma infection.
IgM(+)IgG(-) or equivocal May indicate current infection with Toxoplasma.
                         Retest in 1-2 weeks.
IgM(-)IgG(+) Implies past exposure/infection of Toxoplasma.
            Minimal risk of Toxoplasma infection.
IgM(-)IgG(-) Implies no past infection with Toxoplasma.
            Patient may be susceptible to Toxoplasma infection.
IgM(equivocal) May indicate current Toxoplasma infection.
              Retest in 1-2 weeks.

Clinical Performance for IgM Test
Relative Sensitivity: 100%
Relative Specificity: 98.65%
Overall Agreement: 98.67%

Clinical Performance for IgG Test
Relative Sensitivity: 94.60%
Relative Specificity: 98.85%
Overall Agreement: 98.51%

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